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Samelogic Q, GO and DEV: The Next 18 Months

Over the last year Samelogic has been used by hundreds of people across the US, Europe and the Caribbean. Over this period we've also interacted with many Market Researchers and Customer Experience and Customer Success Managers and listened to the various things they'd love to have using our platform. We've listened and over the last few months, we've created products that our new and existing customers will love.


Samelogic Q

Before, only one video per question could be done. Now, companies can ask as many questions as they like and will receive video responses for each. Q stands for Qualitative and over the next 18 months we will provide more qualitative insights through our mobile video survey dashboard.


Samelogic GO

Whenever the mobile video survey was used in the field by those conducting market research they encountered significant issues when submitting videos because of poor Internet connectivity. Samelogic GO is the answer to this. With Samelogic GO, those collecting video surveys in the field or at receptionist desks can do it all offline. Whenever the device is connected to a stable Internet source, the videos will be uploaded and then analyzed. Samelogic GO will be available for use in February 2018.


Samelogic DEV

Over the last 12 months we've helped companies to become more emotionally engaged with their audiences through the Samelogic API. From providing emotional data on clients for CRMs to know how customers feel about products and services to helping hiring firms shorten the hiring process. Samelogic DEV will continue to enable developers to build products on top of our API and we'll be working closer with those interested to do this.

We're looking forward to the new year and if you haven't received a demo from us as yet don't hesitate to reach out to me at dwayne[at]samelogic.com.

Dwayne Samuels

Dwayne Samuels

Cofounder & CEO @ Samelogic. I love videos. Even more, I love using ML to understand videos.

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