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Making Feedback Widgets That Don't Suck

Widgets today don't make sense.

We all see them on websites as annoying popups or other forms of data collection. They scream for our attention. We don't like them because they don't provide enough value to those using them.

In our weekly meeting, Shawn and I started reviewing feedback from our customers regarding features they'd love to see us implement. "I'd definitely use like a widget", "...a widget would help us...", "Are you going to build a widget?". We scoured through emails, our case studies and messages and realized we have been ignoring this request since 2017, partly because we personally don't like widgets. If any of you are reading this, we apologize.

Seeing this, we said to ourselves, "What if we could make a widget that people love?" So we challenged ourselves to do just that.


Simple, functional and elegant. Those are the 3 principles focused on when designing our widget. Collecting data is pointless if a story isn't behind it. This is the our only aim, to collect the story behind the question. As you can see, you can respond to the question by telling your story with a video, only your voice or just text.


As a responder, telling your story couldn't be any easier. If using video, just hit record and start talking.


Using the audio response is just as easy as well. Hit record and start talking.


And last but not least, if respondents want to use text, they can.

Feel free to modify the snippet below to add the widget to your website or visit Samelogic to learn how to make the most of your audio and video feedback!

Your feedback is of utmost importance to us so either contact me (dwayne[at]samelogic.com) or Shawn (shawn[at]samelogic.com) for any suggestions you have.

Dwayne Samuels

Dwayne Samuels

Cofounder & CEO @ Samelogic. I love videos. Even more, I love using ML to understand videos.

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