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Mobile Video Surveys Are Immersive

The more immersive research gets it allows researchers to capture behaviors, perceptions and emotions of participants within context, at the very moment in time the participant experiences them. When this is done, the participants situation is completely understood as you discover how they use products or services and what happens to and around them at the same time. This is key in understanding intuitively what happens in the day to day life of your participants.

With mobile video surveys researchers can spend time with their participants, immersed in their daily life and can give deep insights into many aspects of the customers journey. Mobile video surveys allows this ethnographic and previously time consuming activity to happen at scale. It is perfect for when you need new ideas from participants. Mobile video surveys are great for identifying disgust or displeasure as what they say and express, facially, can be read with Emotional Recognition algorithms.

Almost everyone with a phone today has a video camera. Samelogic allows you know and understand what respondents are talking about and experiencing. This gives researchers significant advantages over traditional ethnographic and netnographic approaches as this add a real world perspective compared to traditional, in-person interview approaches. Samelogic gives clear, actionable insights that are free of biases focus groups and interviews come with (eg. Moderator, respondent, acceptance and recall biases).

Below are a few examples of how researchers have used Samelogic's Mobile Video Surveys.

Dwayne Samuels

Dwayne Samuels

Cofounder & CEO @ Samelogic. I love videos. Even more, I love using ML to understand videos.

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