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Creating Qualitative Surveys with Video Responses with Samelogic

This tutorial will show you how to easily create a Samelogic Q survey that gathers qualitative data using recorded video answers.

With qualitative surveys one asks for suggestions, feedback or other kinds of responses that can't easily be easily classified.

As gathered data is open ended, the richer the responses are the better the results are. Samelogic provides an intuitive way to gather and interpret qualitative video based data at scale.

As most emotion communicated is nonverbal, Samelogic Q analyzes each response by measuring what facial emotions are being expressed, transcribes what's said, then correlates both to understand, in depth, what respondents really mean when expressing themselves.

1. Create a New Survey

Create a Samelogic Q account and create a new survey by clicking on Campaigns > New.

Samelogic: Create New Survey

2. Add Campaign Name & Description

The Campaign Name and Description are meant to remind you, the creator, what the campaign is about for easy location and to tell those responding to the questions what the campaign is about so they can provide the absolute best responses.

For this example we'll use Coca-Cola. Below are the details they would enter

Samelogic: Campaign Name and Description

3. Select Language

In order to analyze and transcribe what is said in each response the language you expect respondents to speak in should be selected. Currently there is support for English, and German and French in Beta. To request more languages to be added please email us at support[at]samelogic.com.

Samelogic: Language Select

4. Adding Questions

One of the great features of Samelogic Q is the ability to ask multiple questions. To do this, enter the question, click the plus icon to add it to the question list.

Samelogic: Adding Questions

5. Removing Questions

If you'd like to remove a question, click the 'x' on the question.

Samelogic: Removing Questions

You're Done!

Yes, that all that is required to create a mobile video survey campaign. Now, click "Create Campaign" and thats it!

Samelogic: Create Campaign

Dwayne Samuels

Dwayne Samuels

Cofounder & CEO @ Samelogic. I love videos. Even more, I love using ML to understand videos.

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